Put Your Oxygen Mask on First | Danielle Vardaro

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I’ve spent 12 years in aviation. I’ve worked the entire lifecycle that puts a Boeing 777 in the air, including production, certification, functional and flight test, and the actual delivery of the airplane to an airline — which is in fact as complex as delivering an actual baby.

Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

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The Great Resignation is Your Great Opportunity | Danielle Vardaro

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People are leaving the workforce at record breaking numbers — Those who use this to their advantage will create the careers of their dreams.
It’s an understatement to say that the pandemic has changed how we as a society view work and our careers.

The Great Resignation is Your Great Opportunity

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The Year of the Tiger | Danielle Vardaro

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When I realized it was going to be the year of the Tiger, I knew I needed to climb out of my COVID-ridden January fog and funk, and get my life together. If your year, like mine, started off in what could easily be compared to a long slow ride in a covered wagon in the winter on the Oregon Trail… then consider this the sign you need to see to remind yourself that we’re going to be okay.

It’s the Year of the Tiger. Get Your Life Together.

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